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We strive to be the leading engineering excellence and central po-sition within the contracting business locally and internationally, whether by providing direct services to clients through technical and human resources, solidarity and cooperation. 

Our contribution will add to the Vision 2030 a competitive advan-tage on Engineering Value chains through our strategic partner-ships with prestigious enterprises in different fields worldwide.

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Solar Panels


For more than a decade of expertise in Geomatic surveying, we are considered to be the best engineering consultants in Saudi Arabia when it comes to Geomatics. Geomatics and surveying is not only our primary service, but we cover relevant services under this category. Click below to know more about it!

Design & Supervision

Our Design and Supervision Department provides expert construction supervision consultancy and supervising engineer solutions. Their experience and expertise make us one of the best construction consultant companies in Riyadh. With our extensive research we fulfill the demands of our clients and provide a wide range of services as an engineering consultant.


What does an Environmental Consultant do? Efforts towards renewable energy and technologies producing low emissions are seeing more and more government funding. Organizations that invest in research and development within these areas are also growing, and are one of the places that environmental consultants can be found. So, ACECO can do the feasibility study and issuing certifications, approval which is required from the government.




 is a consulting engineering company located in Saudi Arabia since 2009. With over a decade of experience as an engineering consultant, we have established ourselves as the best engineering consultant in Saudi Arabia.

We have a track record in dealing seamlessly with all departments, agencies, ministries and other private clients. Along with the execution of work with quality and proficiency


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