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  Our company's approach is to plan, design and maintain roads to ensure the safety of people.
    The importance of this science to us stems from the extent to which countries always need a group of innovators and specialists in road engineering to work on developing this system in line with urban development and successive population increase year after year.


Road Infrastuture

ACECO company interested in studying and determining the best means used in the construction and preparation of roads of all kinds, as it is known as the branch of civil engineering science

Why Us? 

Our engineers are experienced in providing design, consulting, and supervision of the implementation of road networks, ranging from Choosing the appropriate site for the project is one of the crucial matters that directly affects the success of the project and its continuity in the future., and incorporate a wide range of innovative technologies and advanced processes to deliver exceptional projects. Plus, our integrated approach to the development of project solutions builds value for clients and helps advance the best practices of the industries we serve

Infrastructure Engineering

ACECO’s Engineering Services for Infrastructure Engineering include:

  • Engineering for Road & Highway

  • Bridge Engineering

  • Integrated Services for Civil Structures and Tunnels

  • Water and WasteWater Engineering

  • Land and Site Development Services

  • Infrastructure BIM Services

Modern Bridge
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