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What are we?

ACECO stands for Al Mohadded Consulting Engineering Company. ACECO was established in 2009. The company specializes in various engineering services and has been serving all over Saudi Arabia. Our headquarters is located in Riyadh city, along with another branch in Hail, Saudi Arabia.

What do we do?

AS an engineering consultancy company, we offer various top-quality services to our clients. Our core services include Geomatics, 3D SCANNING, Aerial survey, Marine survey, land division, GIS, Land survey, and Underground Scanning GPR. Under our core service of Design and Supervision, we offer Interior design, engineering supervision, urban planning, infrastructure engineering, landscape design, Electromechanical Design, Project management, Interior Design and Supervision, and hydraulic and traffic studies. Along with all these services, we also provide exceptional environmental studies and services, including renewable energy and energy studies.

Engineer Looking At Blueprint On Site


ACECO is approved by the Saudi Council of Engineers, The General Commission for Survey, Ministry of Municipal & Rural Affairs, Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Water and Electricity, Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, Ministry of Commerce & Investment and all Municipalities across the Kingdom, 

Also, the entities that are related to vision projects such as NEOM, Qiddiya, etc...

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Our History

Serving more than a decade in engineering services, we have a great history of satisfied clients, successful projects, and achievements under our name. We have a track record of dealing seamlessly with all departments, agencies, ministries, and private clients.

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Financial Position

ACECO owns a robust financial position with very low indebtedness. We also can finance its projects and pay dues to employees and suppliers on time. An increase in financial assets due to the revenue from ongoing projects has led to the establishment of excellent banking links with most banks operating in Saudi Arabia.

The banks have confidence in our financial adequacy. The strength of ACECO also lies in its efficient financial and operations management.

Financial Report

Our Vision

With the support of a free economy and the vision of the kingdom of 2030, we realize to make great efforts to live up to the responsibility and strive to achieve our goals of integrity, honesty, commitment, and full respect for the rules and ethics of the profession because we want to be trusted by all of our customers.

Our contribution will add to the Vision 2030 a competitive advantage in Engineering Value chains through our strategic partnerships with prestigious enterprises in different fields worldwide. Also we have vision in the human resource. We are keeping up with the Saudi vision which is called the Human Capability Development Program that aims to ensure that citizens have the required capabilities to compare globally by instilling values and developing basic and future skills. In this regard we are seeking to hiring local cadres to contribute to achieving the Kingdom's goals.

Our Mission

We strive to be the leading engineering excellence and central position within the contracting business locally and internationally, providing direct services to clients through technical and human resources, solidarity, and cooperation. 


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