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Land Survey

Ground survey is another service of ACECO which supports the engineering, geomatics and construction planning. Ground scanning and ground survey is one of the primary and most essential survey any client has to get done before starting the project as it is an essential part of the planning and engineering. It is equally important to get a land survey before purchasing a new piece of land. This allows them to understand the property better, along with its terrain and lines. To get the ground scanning in most of the initial phase also helps in preventing any problem which can relate to the property or land and can come down the line.

One may ask what is ground survey? Land survey is just not drawing the property boundaries on a piece of paper or a map, but it involves much more. Ground scanning and ground scanning has many other special tools to ensure the engineers and buyers understand and know what exactly are they getting or buying.

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Civil Engineer Surveying

Land Survey

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Our Project

We have distinguished cadres of the highest degree of professionalism and adequate experience for all projects of land survey equipped with latest equipment and programs.


The office has more than 8 survey teams with the latest equipment and technologies it has the ability to carry out all the survey works like topographic, architectural, infrastructural, mechanical etc.

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