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Mechanical Design

We provide fast and affordable service for your projects in Design & Supervision 

We have been building life time relationships with our clients through our services under supervisions of professionals.

Through our network of global specialists, we connect you with the best teams and capabilities to deliver highly innovative and sustainable solutions. We embrace emerging technologies and innovations in order to fulfill your required project.

Mechanical Design is a field in which designers construct solid models and prepare detailed drawings used to build products and machinery. The designers follow sketches, specifications and calculations of scientists, engineers and designers to design their drawings and models.

 Importance of Mechanical Design:

Well-defined mechanical design processes help a company create products or components that perform as expected and meet customer expectations. Mechanical design is also important because it follows a set process that results in creating quality systems.


Responsibilities of Our Design Mechanical Engineers:


Create a narrative for the Conceptual Design submittal which includes the following:

ο Project Description. Basic description of the project, with a statement of the purpose, need, or problem the project addresses.

 ο Existing Conditions (if applicable - for renovation projects, additions, etc.). Description of the age and square footage of the facility, type, and condition of the existing HVAC system, sketch of the facility, etc.

ο Design Options. Discussion of the mechanical design options that were considered and the rationale behind the option(s) selected. Include zone control strategy. Also include discussions of operational costs (utilities, maintenance, and service life) for the various design options. Under maintenance concerns, consider the following: seasonal switchover requirements; control sequences; automatic versus manual operation. Include a discussion of Life Cycle Cost (LCC) for the various options (formal LCC analysis not required). Some systems may require the use of private sector maintenance contracts; include this impact in LCC discussions.

ο Selected Systems. If firmly decided prior to this narrative submittal, list:

1) type of system;

2) number and location of zones and units; and

3) equipment placement.

Items to be addressed in the Conceptual Meeting: 

  • Project scope

  • Site conditions

  • Available utilities

  • Conceptual design of mechanical plumbing building energy management controls and fire protection.

  • Cost and budget

  • Schedule

  • Steps in the Engineering Design Process

  • Step 1: State the Problem. What is the problem that needs to be solved?

  • Step 2: Generate Ideas. Where can information be found related to the problem?

  • Step 3: Plan and Select a Solution

  • Step 4: Build the Item.

  • Step 5: Evaluate.

  • Step 6: Present the results

Why Us:

We are one of Saudi’s leading construction Companies, known for our well-recognized ability to deliver projects with exceptional quality on time and budget and for our extensive fleet of tool and plant. We bring our expertise to a broad range of sector. We provide the necessary labor, materials, tools, equipment, temporary utilities and facilities to complete the successful projects.

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