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Aerial View of a Drone

Aerial Survey

We can provide Aerial Survey Services by using UAV Drones using the latest Technology in photogrammetry Science.

Aerial surveying is best utilized for large areas which would be unable to be captured by traditional Survey, mountains with high terrain or would take numerous site visits and staff hours to cover.

Aerial Survey

If you are looking for the best aerial survey companies who provide aerial survey, aerial survey and aerial land survey for your desired site than there is no better aerial surveyor than ACECO. We do have the latest drone for aerial survey which provides the best aerial imaging Saudi Arabia no matter who huge the space is. With help of aerial land survey, companies can estimate, understand, map and approach construction, divisions of land and land subdivisions.

Drone over a River
White Drone

Our latest software, and technologies, gives better understanding of the location which helps engineers and investors make better and effective results in long run and plan according to the results.

White Drone


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