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Land Subdivision 

Land subdivision is another successful service of ACECO. With our team of experts, top-notch software and years of expertise, we provide complete land subdivision and land subdivisions services along with many others to provide you best results backed up with data and science.

Along with our land subdivision, we also provide land subdivision and town planning service in Saudi Arabia. The service of town planning is done keeping in mind the requirement of the client and project scope, where all the engineering services are provided from start to end as per the client demand.


As we are associated with the governing bodies and professional councils, we make sure that the division of land is done professionally. To get the best land division service in Saudi Arabia, contact us. We will provide complete land division services, so your planning goes smoothly.

ACECO’s expert team of town planning engineers are well-equipped to handle and deliver big projects for government, commercial, and civil clients all over Saudi Arabia.

Land Subdivision Gallery


Master planning by Aceco

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