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Environmental Studies

Holding Plant

ACECO provides a variety of services like:

- Ensure effective adaptation for project management via our approach with reputable clients.

• Air Quality & Pollution Monitoring, Wind Resource.

• Measurement Services.

• Airport etc., weather Monitoring (Environment).

• Thunder, Rain, Dust Monitoring, and sun (Radiation Electricity)

ACECO not only focuses on the Engineering services to the clients but also on the huge demand for environmental studies requirements in Saudi Arabia. We started our Environmental studies services too. The client may ask what are environmental studies and what do we offer in this regard? In simple words, Environmental studies are the study of fundamental sciences like biology, physics, chemistry, math, earth science, atmospheric science, and geology to know the environment around us better. Businesses these days have a keen interest in knowing the better environmental solution through the research and understanding it with the help of Environmental studies.

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