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Urban Planning

A technical process concerned with the urban design and development of land and environment including air, water and the infrastructure passing into and out of urban areas.

We have experience in urban planning from the beginning of our company and have first-hand experience from the scratch till the end including landscape and urban planning, urban design architects, urban planning concepts, urban planning and development, urban planning and architecture, all are supervised by our urban planning department.

Urban Construction

• Preparation of urban plans for government agencies.

• Using the system of the electronic approval of housing plans of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.

• Use and implementation of the complete system adopted by the Ministry of Housing for the adoption of residential plans.

• The layout of the drawings.

• Sorting (dividing) and integrating the land plots according to the requirements of the secretariats.

• Sorting the real estate units according to the requirements of the Ministry of Housing

Our scope of work includes (but not limited) to the following:

Urban Planning

Construction Sites

We are engineers – we are the real problem solvers for Urban Planning

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